"Scaredy Dog!"

Understanding And Rehabilitating Your Reactive Dog

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Revised Edition!
When dogs growl at other dogs, lunge at people, and bark at everything it's often mislabeled as “aggression.” But behavior that looks like aggression is often fear-based and should be treated as such. The appropriate term for this constellation of behaviors is “reactivity.”
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This book helps dog owners and trainers to understand the reactive dog and help him change for the better. The process is easy to grasp, and once the changes begin to take shape, owners become so encouraged that improving their dog's behavior suddenly becomes fun and exciting!

If your dog can't pay attention to you in public places, doesn't behave like a good member of the family when guests visit, and looses control when other dogs are nearby, this book has a lot to offer.

All training methods and classroom techniques are non-force and based on developing a ‘working relationship’ with your dog. Revised in 2009, easy to read and understand, 148 pages, with 68 photographs and graphics to help you improve behavior and solve problems.

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Ali's book for trainers and owners of reactive dogs, Focus Not Fear, is available now. Learn More.

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Reviews & Comments

From Dogwise.com
Reviewer: Jessica
Great for Owners and Trainers Alike! August 7, 2004
This book is wonderful for anyone with a reactive dog or anyone interested in learning more about dog behavior. The simple, positive methods are easy to learn and they work! I recommend this book to anyone who loves or works with a dog who finds the world a little bit scary.

From Amazon.com
Great book, great advice! August 22, 2005
Reviewer: M. Adams (Philadelphia, PA USA)

After being at my wits' end trying to figure out just what was going on in the head of my scaredy-dog, I picked up Brown's book. On page after page, she described behaviors I was seeing develop, and offered solutions to those behaviors.

Fortunately for me, my dog is not as scared as the ones she describes were. That said, many of the techniques she outlines have been saving graces for me. Most importantly, I now use a crate in the car when I drive with my dog. No more barking wildly at buses, motorcycles, other dogs, and trolleys! No more trying to clamber out the window after those offensive pieces of machinery! I have no more fear about how my dog is going to act in the car, and she has a lot more security while being in the car.

There are many other strategies I will consider using with my scaredy dog. If your dog is the kind of dog who reacts unpredictably in a wide variety of situations and you want to keep your dog, other dogs, and other people safe around your dog, this book provides a strong and solid base from which to begin your work. Highly recommended!

From: Vizsla Newsletter, Nov/Dec 2004
Reviewer: Mary Cheltom

"Having to turn off the chiming clock every 15 minutes at my sister's house to keep Sweetie (aka Sweetie Goddammit!) from barking, and also watching Beamer (aka CH Copper Creek's Amber Sunbeam) shudder in terror over flying fall leaves, I figured it was time to revisit this book, since I seem to be owned by two reactive dogs."
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From: TerrierClub.com website
Reviewer: Sandi (and McGuyver the Westie)

MacGuyver's trainer, Ali Brown, has written her first book,"Scaredy Dog! Understanding and Rehabiliating Your Reactive Dog". It is a wonderful book and we are so proud of her. Her methods and knowledge of dog training are exceptional.MacGuyver and I had so much fun training with her.

If anyone if interested, here is a link to her website...including details of her book. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is dealing with any kind of problems with their dog.

Finally a great book for reactive dog owners! Highest Rating From Amazon.com
January 11, 2009
S. J. Pfrimmer (Canon City, CO USA)

I searched and searched for help with my reactive dog. Nothing seemed to fit with my dogs behavior, so nothing was helpful, not even private training. Then I found this book. It's loaded with information on all sorts of reactive dog behavior. It doesn't just focus on dog to dog aggression as so many other books do. It explains why a dog may react to certain "scary" things and understanding is always the first step to dealing with undesirable behavior. I never expected to get so many answers out of this book. What a great find - I love it!

From Dogwise.com
Excellent book, August 18, 2005
Reviewer: Alicia

This book has helped me retrain my reactive dog Tuffy and I think it is incredible. I use this book as a workbook and refer to it often. I have taken the tools learned and use them in training other reactive dogs I work with. This book is wonderful!!

Ali has captured the emotions of those of us who have reactive dogs. The dispair, hope and the joy as the retraining process proceeds. Buy it, read it, use it!!!

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